Rail Logistics-Cold Train is a leading provider of intermodal freight transportation for perishable (fresh and frozen) cargo from the Pacific Northwest.


Intermodal freight transportation is becoming increasingly popular because of its reduced impact on the environment.


In early 2010, Cold Train began a partnership with Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway and the Port of Quincy in Washington to provide expedited door-to-door refrigerated intermodal service between the Pacific Northwest and Midwest area markets.  Since the Rail Logistics-Cold Train refrigerated intermodal freight service was launched, it has grown rapidly in popularity with shippers in the Pacific Northwest as well as shippers in the Midwest. In fact, several thousand containers of fresh produce, frozen products and/or other cargo have been shipped on the Cold Train to/from Quincy and the Midwest.  More importantly, both the number of eastbound and westbound shipments on the Cold Train have increased by several hundred percent since the beginning of 2010.


By integrating various modes of intermodal freight transportation (i.e., going from truck to train to truck), Rail Logistics-Cold Train is greatly reducing the carbon footprint.


In particular, Rail Logistics-Cold Train provides the following environmental benefits:

  Intermodal freight trains (such as Cold Train) are more than three times as fuel efficient as trucks

Intermodal freight trains (such as Cold Train) emit only about 5.4 pounds of carbon dioxide per 100 ton-miles, compared with approximately 19.8 pounds for trucks

Annually, Rail Logistics-Cold Train intermodal freight trains divert several thousand long-haul trucks off of U.S. highways, saving taxpayers millions in road damage and repair

Rail decreases pollution, saves energy and reduces congestion all at the same time


With the increasing need in the Pacific Northwest (as well as around the world) for transportation options that increase fuel efficiency while reducing carbon and greenhouse gas emissions, Rail Logistics-Cold Train has become a leader in the region in promoting intermodal freight options that help the environment.