Cold Train expands to keep up with demand

Cold Train sold to investment firm

Cold Train picks up

steam with apples

Acquisition Will Fuel Cold Train Reefer Fleet Expansion

Federated Railways Acquires Cold Train express Intermodal Service

Cold Train to open new office in Chicago

Cold Train to acquire more containers, add service

Cold Train adds resources to accomondate refrigerated cargo growth

Cold Train expands reefer container fleet

US Sen. Maria Cantwell questions rail officials about shutdown of Cold Train at Quincey WA

Trans boot Washingtonfruit crops to cary more coal, oil

State apple study recognizes Quincy, Cold Train

Cold Train ends intermodal service, citing poor BNSF performance

Intermodal Service 'Reduces CO2 52%'

Maria Cantwell,

US Senator

Patty Murray,

US Senator